What makes a story? - The story is sculpture... to be chipped away... until all that remains is forward motion.



Visual Communicator – I tell stories. To view and enjoy. I want you to experience a joyful, unexpected journey, arriving at ending that fulfills.

What makes a story?

My goal is to provide the viewer a beginning, a journey to go on, then a conclusion to settle with. I believe all Art, Design, Visual Creative works have a story to tell. It then becomes our job to articulate that story meaningfully in a way that connects the viewer to the authenticity of the story. I fully believe the story is always there, laying in wait, dormant, ready to be released. The storyteller’s job then becomes similar to the sculptor, to chip away the excess, to have left only that which propels the content directly and clearly to the audience. So that every element has a place and purpose. To move forward the narrative. To have ups and downs of conflict and resolution. Then to conclude in a way that the viewer can appreciate and feel rewarded after going on our journey with us.

The story is sculpture… to be chipped away… until all that remains is forward motion.

I believe this to be an cherished gift the audience gives us, their time and attention, their emotional vulnerability, their engagement with this story. This gift should not be wasted, but rewarded. The ending and conclusion, that wow moment. The bright eyes and ah-ha. That is the gift we give and receive from our viewer.